Personalisation is the finishing touch on your uniforms and work wear. Here at Uniformes Moderna, we offer a full personalisation service with a complete range of options, including embroidery, emblems, name tags, screen printing, and other specialized techniques for getting your name and logo on your uniforms.

Whether your artwork is digitized or sketched on a wet napkin, we can help you get it to production. We will work with you to find the most appropriate, cost-effective method to personalise your uniforms.

  • Embroidery

    Embroidery is by far the most popular option for personalizing uniforms. The term “embroidery” refers to the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. Today, our embroidery is done using automated machines which can embroider up to 24 items simultaneously, using up to 16 colours of thread at one time.

    Embroidery allows for an authentic, high-quality representation of your logo. It is highly resistant to fading and tearing, even with repeated washing. It is also quite cost-effective, since there are no repeat setup charges after the initial one-time digitizing process.

  • Emblems

    Emblems, or crests, are a very popular alternative to our regular direct-to-garment embroidery, since the emblems can be prepared in advance in bulk quantities. This normally results in a lower price per unit. Also, once we have your emblems on hand, we can sew them on to your uniforms on demand, meaning that you can send your new employees to our store, where we will measure them and dress them in personalised uniforms, ready to report for work when they walk out our door.

    Emblems are normally produced using the same technique as regular embroidery, but we can also create an emblem by embroidering a border around a screen printed graphic. This is useful in cases where the graphic to be produced on the emblem is too intricate for regular embroidery.

  • Screen Printing

    Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a printing process using a fine screen, or mesh, and stencil to transfer ink onto a fabric.

    Screen printing is a low-cost option for printing on clothing when done in large quantities and when a limited number of colours are used. Due to the setup costs involved each time you place an order, it is not recommended to use this method for small quantities.

    Screen printing is especially popular on thin materials such as t-shirts, where a technique such as embroidery might result in sagging and distortion of the material. If done properly, screen printing is a long-lasting technique that will last through repeated wash & wear cycles. We also have the technical capability to screen print on water resistant items such as raincoats.

  • Name Tags

    Name tags are standard in situations which demand that the name and/or title of your employees be displayed on their uniforms. We can produce name tags in metal or in plastic, with or without your company logo. We can inscribe your employees' names in a variety of fonts and colours. Name tags do not require an intricate setup. Therefore, they are quick to produce and economical even in small quantities.

  • Digital Printing

    In this technique, computer-type ink-jet printers use special inks to print designs directly onto garments. This is a specialized process which you might want to consider for small quantities and designs too intricate for regular screen printing, if the garment on which the printing is to be done is suitable for this process.