As a Uniformes Moderna customer, you can have access to our online ordering system.  We will create a personalized digital catalogue for your organization from which users can log in and place uniform orders at their convenience.

Employee allocations can be based on points or dollar amounts with optional managerial approval.

Fitting Sessions

The proper fit of a uniform is key to the comfort of your employees as well as the portrayal of your company image.

Let Uniformes Moderna organize a convenient fitting session at our boutique or at your workplace.

Your employees are welcome to come visit us at our boutique where our experienced staff will ensure they are properly dressed.

Alternatively, we can schedule an on-site measuring session at your workplace. Our team will bring all the necessary sizing kits and even portable dressing rooms if needed.

Let us make your fitting session seamless.

Custom Programs

We offer a large selection of products from a wide range of manufacturers. However, if you are looking for something different to suit your specific needs, we can produce garments designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Our talented in-house cutters and seamstresses can produce custom products with no minimum order quantities.

For larger scale programs, we can produce specially designed garments using our global network of factories.

Whatever your requirements, we are confident that our team will find the right solution for your specific uniform needs.


Personalization is the finishing touch to your uniforms and work clothes. Uniformes Moderna offers a full range of options including direct embroidery, crests, nametags, screen printing, and other specialized cutting-edge techniques highlighting your logo on your uniforms.

Learn more about personalisation

Simple Order Process

The uniform ordering process does not need to be a burden for your organization. Uniformes Moderna will tailor the right order method for you.

Our simplified order forms as well as our online ordering system are user-friendly and efficient.

In addition, employee order history is archived to fast-track their future orders.

Distribution logistics
We are proud of our robust and efficient order preparation system. Our pick & pack facilities have been optimized to cut order processing times for on-demand programs. All uniform orders are shipped pre-sorted, allowing for easy distribution by employee, by department, or by location. Also, we have developed relationships with the best transport carriers in the industry, allowing us to pass on our preferred rates to our customers.

Our on-site seamstresses can handle all types of alterations and modifications quickly and professionally. They will make sure your pants are hemmed, your crests are sewn, and your uniform is ready to be worn when you leave our boutique.


Whether you are looking to start a new uniform program or whether you are interested in tweaking your existing uniform line, our experts will guide you every step of the way in creating the corporate image you wish to portray.


Personalisation is the finishing touch on your uniforms and workwear. At Uniformes Moderna, we offer a full personalisation service with a complete range of options, including embroidery, emblems, name tags, screen printing, and other specialized techniques for getting your name and logo on your uniforms.

Whether your artwork is digitized or sketched on a napkin, we can help you get it to production. We will work with you to find the most appropriate, cost-effective method to personalise your uniforms.

The size and placement of the logo on your uniforms are critical in determining the level of exposure you wish to give your logo. Our team will guide you in selecting the best option for your needs.

Screen printing

Screen printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a printing process using a fine screen, or mesh, and stencil to transfer ink onto a fabric.

Screen printing is a low-cost option for printing on clothing when done in large quantities and when a limited number of colours are used.

Screen printing is especially popular on thin materials such as t-shirts. Screen printing is a long-lasting technique that will last through repeated wash & wear cycles.



Crests, or emblems, are a very popular alternative to our regular direct-to-garment embroidery, since the crests can be prepared in advance in bulk quantities. This gives you the ability to send your new employees to our boutique, where we will apply the crests to their personalised uniforms while they wait, and have them ready to report for work when they walk out our door.



Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. Our embroidery is done using automated machines which can embroider up to 24 items simultaneously, using up to 16 colours of thread at one time.

Embroidery allows for an authentic, high-quality representation of your logo. It is highly resistant to fading and tearing, even with repeated washing. It is also quite cost-effective, since there are no repeat setup charges after the initial one-time digitizing process.

Name tags

Name tags

Name tags allow the name and/or title of your employees to be displayed on their uniforms in a removable format using magnets or pins. We can produce name tags in metal or in plastic, with or without your company logo, in a variety of fonts and colours.

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of applying heat transfer materials to various items with a heat press.

This is a specialized process which you might want to consider for small quantities and designs too intricate for regular screen printing, or on uniform items not well-suited to screen printing.